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The Even While podcast

Sep 16, 2020

Do you ever feeling like your waiting season is a wasted season? If so, you will be encouraged as you listen in to my conversation with Sarah Keeling. 


Sarah Keeling is a rancher’s wife and boy mom who loves Jesus and is passionate about helping others connect deeply with Him. She published Psalm Prayers for Kids: A 40-Day Prayer Journal to help families pray the Psalms together and experience transformation. She is an advocate for the Bibleless, and she loves encouraging others by sharing what God is doing in her life. 


Sarah also published Psalm Prayers for the Nations: Engage Your Family with 40 Scripture-Based Prayers to help families participate in God’s global work through prayer.


Sarah shares simple and fun ways for families to connect with God on her Instagram page, @_sarahkeeling_ and on her website,



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