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The Even While podcast

Jun 24, 2020


Cheri Fletcher is a writer and speaker who is passionate about helping women understand just how intentionally they were created.
She and her husband are empty nesters and live the greater Seattle area with their dogs Rosa and Libby.
When Cheri is not writing, speaking, or mentoring she will be out running with...

Jun 17, 2020

Change can be difficult and often leave us not knowing what to do.  In this episode, author and speaker Billie Jauss gives us steps on how to live life to the fullest in a season of change.

Billie Jauss inspires women, who struggle with feeling unimportant even in their busy world, to value the significance of...

Jun 10, 2020

Perhaps you've become disenchanted with the journey or, maybe the destination isn't quite what you expected. I get it and so does my friend, Jenn Hand. 

We invite you to listen in to our conversation as Jenn shares a portion of her story. 

In this episode we will:

*get a glimpse at what God may be doing behind the...

Jun 5, 2020

How does tracking God bring life in a waiting season?

Join Melinda today as we take our conversation of tracking God a little deeper.

Together we will:

*gain understanding of a few benefits to watching for God

*learn 3 ways to creatively journal