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The Even While podcast

Aug 28, 2020

One Easy Step To Gain Peace & Clarity In a Waiting Season

A long waiting season can easily have us wanting to make something happen, hurry the process, or move on with life.  These feelings of impatience lead us to decision fatigue and then on to making poor decisions, or even making a ‘good’ decision but not the ‘best’ decision.  

Friend, I get it. I have been there.  That’s why I am super excited to have Tiffany Jo Baker on the podcast today.  She is the best when it comes to helping us determine our core values – the missing step in gaining peace and clarity in decision making.

In this episode you will:

  • discover the process to identifying your own core values
  • learn how core values can decrease decision fatigue
  • find out why living from our core values builds trust in the relationships around us

Grab your pen and notepad or pull up the notepad app on your phone because I can promise you are going to want to take notes.  Or, better yet, make a date for coffee with a friend or your spouse and y’all listen in together.  My conversation with Tiffany is full of golden nuggets.

Thanks for listening!

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Scripture References:

  • Habakkuk 2:23
  • James 1:8

Meet our guest:

Tiffany Jo Baker is a caffeinated mom of two teen girls, surrogate mom who has carried five babies for three families dealing with infertility and wife of 20+ years to an extreme outdoors man. She is a speaker, strategist, podcast host and right-hand woman for leaders, Christian communicators and multifaceted mamas at heart. She has been used from the breakfast table to the boardroom, uplifting the soul and success of families, small-business owners and multi-million-dollar non-profit organizations and helping them birth their God-given dreams. 

For more show notes: