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The Even While podcast

Oct 21, 2020

You awaken to the bold aroma of your coffee filling every room of your home. Making your way to the liquid sunshine, you spy the cute mug you placed beside it the night before just waiting to be filled. The clothes you need to wear for the day? No worries, they are prepared and ready to be put on. (Can you just hear the soundtrack from Cinderella playing in the background?) All seems right in your world.

And then, if you're like me, it all comes to a screeching halt as you wake up and realize it was only a dream.

Unfortunately, I am usually scrambling to finish things from the day before and rushing late into the new day.

Can you imagine starting your day already prepared? What would that feel like? Or, does it all seem too good to be true?

When the subject of taking care of our future selves came up, I knew the perfect friend to have on The Even While Podcast, Kathi Lipp.  She is the Queen of Clutter Free and a great example of how to live life in a way that cares for your future self and your family.  Through her books, speaking, and podcast 'Clutter Free Academy', Kathi teaches others how to have more life.

Join us as we discuss:

*why regular maintenance isn't just about cars

*mornings go better when they start the night before

*a different way to meal plan that could also save you money

PLUS there is a Christmas bonus that will help to minimize your holiday stress AND a BOOK GIVEAWAY!

-> To be entered into the drawing for the book giveaway, leave a comment here, in the show notes, on one thing you will be changing in your holiday traditions for this year.  Is there something you will be adding?  Have you decided to take something away?  On OCTOBER 27, 2020 I will be picking a name from the comments and mailing the winner the 'Christmas Project Planner' book written by Kathi Lipp.

For more show notes: