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The Even While podcast

Oct 14, 2020

When my friend went through a season of grief I found myself at a loss.  Even though I had been through similar seasons in my own life I still wasn't quite confident of the best way to walk with her on her journey.

This week, Angela Miller is back.  Having recently gone - and let's be honest, still going - through a season of grief, we discuss 5 tips on how to be a friend to someone walking through grief.

In this episode Melinda and Angela discuss:

*the power of your presence

*how priceless a listening friend can be

*tears shared with a friend help give life

*a different way to speak the Word over your friend's life and situation

*food fills so much more than just a belly

PLUS:  there are a few added bonus tips with the holidays coming up  2 to be exact!

Click here for recipe downloads.

For more show notes: