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The Even While podcast

Sep 9, 2020

Do you ever have thoughts that derail your day? Or, maybe you find yourself in a slump and aren't sure why?

If you have, you don't want to miss this episode with Kendra Burrows. She has a way of asking just the right questions to get you back on track when it comes to your thought patterns. She is the queen of taking control of negative thoughts before they take control of us.

In this episode you will:

*learn why it is so important to re-frame your thoughts 

*discover how to flip the script on your day or season

*be given access to a resource for peace during this political season


Get cozy in your favorite chair and make sure to have a pen and notepad nearby.  Kendra is going to help us tackle our thoughts to bring greater peace to our life.


Kendra Burrows


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